2 Day Commerce and Community-Based Public Safety De-escalation

Everyone knows that there are much better ways to communicate with others that will create a higher level of calm and understanding, rather than cause the situation to become more escalated and aggressive. One of the major hurdles though is that we as humans are dealing with brain physiology and basic instincts that are millions of years old, so unless we learn different ways to re-wire those instincts, we will always default to human aggressive reflexes, like we often see within the world around us.

Our VIP Response® Commerce and Community-Based Public Safety De-escalation Training will help you and your employees to truly understand and apply those important methods of re-training the brain in order to achieve more empathetic control over a situation. Phoenix Training Group believes that the goal of any potentially aggressive encounter is to always maintain a more compassionate, communication-based dialogue between those who are challenging or even aggressive and those who it is their position to help restore order and calm to a potentially volatile situation. This training provides the formula that will help any conflict from becoming more escalated, into a more positive direction that proves that we can overcome the basic human instincts and learn from our behaviors, both positive and negative, in order to demonstrate to the environment we work within that we are committed to resolving conflicts in a compassionate, empathetic and creative way and in doing so, create a better person out of all of us

8 Contact Hours

Price: $80.00 Per Person