VIP SimResponse Shoot-Don’t Shoot and Situational De-escalation Simulation Training

It is time for every level of business to be pro-active and train to defend themselves, and not just wait for local law enforcement to arrive. Some would consider that it is your moral obligation and your legal liability duty to protect your employees and customers onsite. Take that step and place those you feel are qualified physically and in “mind set”, on our Milo shooting simulator to prepare, train, and prevail in their protection responsibilities. The time has come for American citizens to have access to this unique defensive shooting training our military and law enforcement have had for years. The need exists for you and yours’ to be prepared, trained, and survive a life-threatening confrontation or shooting event. The training answers you need are available on our mobile Milo Laser Range Simulator when you experience the realistic and dramatic scenarios on our simulator that prepare you to perform at your best and survive when under attack.

Are you ready to test your courage, accuracy, determination, and determination to SURVIVE if faced with a life-threatening, split-second decision to STOP THE THREAT? You can now experience the reality of that encounter. In today’s society, we all need to prepare and train to protect ourselves from becoming victims of violent acts. It is crucial to train in stressful situations by developing muscle memory, if a situation ever arises that you need to use deadly force. Now, you can train on our Mobile MILO Range Pro-“Use of Force” Simulators. Experience realistic scenarios on a life-size screen, shooting a real Glock pistols, modified with lasers.

Our Mobile POST-Approved MILO Pro Range Simulator program is a must for the 21st century law enforcement officer training requirement, as well as a good idea when working within any environment where you or your employees deal with potentially violent attackers as a part of your job. OSDSS MILO Training is incomparable to paper and steel target training, considering the visual, sound, reaction, and psychological realness of the experience. OSDSS MILO Training uses Glocks modified with lasers. Shots are observed, recorded, timed, replayed and analyzed to document and rate the performance. The perpetrator interacts physically and verbally to the participant’s actions/inactions. The training is intense, realistic and creates skills you need in today’s world, or sharpens skills you may already possess.

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