2 Hour Sexual Harassment Training


If you are an employer, manager, person of influence, or just wish to learn more about what you can do to eradicate this blemish on the workplace and support those who are its victims, then it's time to change how you perceive and deal with sexual harassment in your company. Currently at least 40% of all women report being sexually harassed at some point in their career, and men currently account for 11.6 % of all sexual harassment cases filed with the EEOC. So, the chances of your company needing to respond to a sexual harassment concern is great. By using participatory videos, poignant and effective PowerPoints, informative handouts and a dynamic written and group exercises, your staff will have all of the knowledge necessary to help avoid the destructive and costly incidents that plague our business environments today.

2 Contact Hours

Price: $60.00 Per Person



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