Workplace Violence and Empath Response Training Courses Offered Throughout the U.S. and Internationally

We can provide you and your organization with the Conflict Resolution skills to turn any conflict into a productive outcome!
The world around us is becoming more unpredictable and the level of violence and frustration people are experiencing is growing every day.  People and organizations are desperate for answers and resources that will help them to stay safe, while at the same time, creating real solutions on how to make things better for themselves and those they interact with. The rise in violence is only a symptom of larger and more complex issues we all face these days and Phoenix Training Group has the answers and resources to address and teach people and organizations the skills they need to understand, confront and fix the situations we’re all facing.

One thing we don’t need, is more aggression as tool to try and reduce the violence and frustration society is experiencing. This is why Phoenix Training Group educates people and organizations to use understanding and empathy to help create more therapeutic encounters through what we call Empath Response Training in order to develop a system of de-escalation techniques that actually work.

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  • It’s the best and most effective Violence Prevention education for the lowest price!
  • We have 45 years of training experience with millions of satisfied customers!
  • If you need your employees to receive proven and effective Violence Prevention Training in order to provide a safer environment for your staff and clients, Phoenix in the number one choice!

VIP Response® Programs Designed for Preventing Workplace Violence

Prevention is key when it comes to recognizing and responding correctly to potential acts of violence. Our VIP Response® Training Program will provide your employees with the tools to defuse workplace threats. These skills will show them how to protect themselves and others from becoming victims.

A Zero Tolerance Approach for Violence in the Workplace

Whether it's at work or elsewhere, our company supports a zero-tolerance policy for violence against anyone. Phoenix Training Group helps your employees protect themselves effectively while learning to have greater empathy.

Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors train your staff to recognize, respond, prevent, and resolve almost any potentially violent situation quickly and compassionately. At the same time, we stay committed to providing the best possible service to the public your organization serves.

You will see a difference in your employees' conflict management skills. Our courses teach your employees not just to be more aware and alert. They also show them compassion and empathy. This combination of skill and a better understanding of their coworkers' emotional concerns makes them your best advocates at preventing violence.

Customized Training

Whether your organization has 10 or 10,000 employees, or whether it serves a high-risk adult population or small children, we specialize our training for your specific needs and requirements. We always focus on compassionate and relevant education to satisfy your company's goals and the people you serve.

We Teach Your Staff to Become Instructors for your Organization's Employees

For your convenience, Phoenix Training Group is happy to send our Senior Training Academy Instructors anywhere in the world. Our instructor program prepares individuals within your organization to lead and teach our programs to your employees.

Assess and Respond

We pride ourselves on providing law enforcement, first responders, and the general workforce with the understanding of how to accurately assess and respond to potentially violent situations. Our approach becomes an opportunity for compassion that prevents threatening events from escalating into the worst-case scenario.