The world is more dangerous place these days and having effective skills to protect and defend yourself and those you care about is more important than ever. This two-hour Basic Self -Defense and Evasion Training for beginners is essential for those who want to feel safer and more empowered when it comes to being prepared when people and situations become threatening, aggressive or violent.

Whether you are 6 or 96, this class will teach you the simple, effective and non-invasive skills that will keep you safe when faced with an individual who tries to grab, assault or even worse to you. Provided with these easy-to-learn and powerful physical skills, you will be able to anticipate behaviors, identify possible threats and defend yourself against people who think that they can harm you. Using these simple and even fun-to-learn techniques, you will learn to successfully defend and escape from anyone, even if they are larger and more powerful than you. Following this class, you will possess the skills necessary to protect yourself and feel more confident when out in the world, walking to your car at night or even dealing with the public within your job. Knowing these skills can literally save your life or those you care about as they are simple enough to teach to your loved ones, especially your Children or Grandchildren. We guarantee that following the training, you will have learned important new skills, feel more confident and even have fun in doing so.

**It important to note that this section is approached very carefully and the emphasis is always on defending minimally but effectively and escaping immediately to protect oneself and survive the attack.

Class Objectives

  1. The meaning and definition of assault and how it applies to your specific environment.
  2. Types of assaultive behaviors and their causes.
  3. The importance of assessing what we as individuals bring to a situation that will propel it in a good or bad direction so we can avoid making a situation worse and always guide it toward a better outcome.
  4. General safety measures.
  5. Personal safety measures.
  6. The Assault Cycle (Crisis Cycle) and how it can help de-escalate an aggressive situation.
  7. Examining specific methods to lay the groundwork for successful de-escalation outcomes.
  8. Words and phrases recognized as common trigger words not to say in order to de-escalate individuals.
  9. Aggression and violent behavior predicting factors.
  10. Verbal intervention and de-escalation techniques and physical maneuvers to defuse and predict violent behaviors.
  11. Strategies to avoid physical harm and remove yourself from the assaultive situation.
  12. The legal criteria necessary for a person to have the right in placing their hands upon an individual with the intentions of protecting from an aggressive person or situation.

4 Contact Hours

Price: $80.00 Per Person