8 Hour General Workplace VIP Empath Response Workplace Violence Prevention Training


Phoenix Training Group’s Empath Response™ Training is important now more than ever as the world around us becomes more violent and people we encounter experience higher levels of frustration and conflict. Everyone from people on the streets, to world leaders are calling for much more empathy to be demonstrated and taught to those who are in the middle of violent behaviors or daily conflicts that we all experience. The Empath Response™ Training program is something that we at Phoenix Training Group have been providing to organizations for many years and if you or your staff believe that it’s important to be ahead of the game when it comes to assessing, reacting to and calming a person or situation within your environment, then this training will meet that need.

The world we’re living in is filled with frustration and conflict and if we don’t have the tools to overcome the barriers and find the empathy within ourselves to communicate to others, then the volatility we are experiencing within our society or workplace will only grow. If, however, we learn the skills to de-escalate people and situations around us, then we will create a ripple effect of understanding and empathy that will serve both our needs, as well as the individuals we find ourselves in conflict with, whether on the job, helping clients, enforcing rules, or even at home with our own families. Having the ability to communicate that empathy and provide the psychological dynamics that calm a situation is key. This is something that we at Phoenix Training Group have been teaching people for over forty years and we can guarantee that you and your organization will learn and benefit from our Empath Response™ Training we have developed to bring calm and order to any potentially volatile situation.

This training provides the formula that will help a conflict from becoming more escalated and into a more positive and therapeutic direction by using the established levels of empathy instead of control that all of us need when in the middle of a conflict. By using the recognition and reaction guidelines based from our psychology-based techniques for de-escalating a conflict as well ourselves, rather than becoming caught up in the reflex-based reactions that propel a situation out of control, we will re-train the brain’s reflexes to better respond and calm the conflict. Whether for yourself, or for a staff of thousands, we will help you develop the Empath Guidance Team that will allow you, or your organization to know that you are doing what’s right when a situation becomes threatening or unsafe and in doing so, create a better person out of all of us
This is a Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Training, compliant with all California State SB-1299, AB-508, California Health & Safety Codes; 1257.7 and 1257.8, OSHA 8 CCR 3342, as well as all other State and Federal laws necessary in order to meet the requirements for a mandatory or recommended workplace violence prevention and management program for the workplace.

Class Objectives

  1. The meaning and definition of assault and how it applies to the workplace.
  2. Types of assaultive behaviors and their causes.
  3. The importance of assessing what we as employees bring to a situation that will propel it in a good or bad direction so we can avoid making a situation worse and always guide it toward a better outcome.
  4. Characteristics of aggressive and violent clients and victims.
  5. Understanding the importance of customer service techniques in order to help clients stay or become calm.
  6. General safety measures.
  7. Personal safety measures.
  8. The Assault Cycle (Crisis Cycle) and how it can help de-escalate an aggressive situation.
  9. The linear steps of negotiation in order to reduce aggression.
  10. The B.E.N.D. Model Algorithm Tree in order to better understand how to effectively assess a situation in order to direct into in a better, safer and calmer outcome.
  11. Examining specific methods to lay the groundwork for successful de-escalation outcomes.
  12. Words and phrases recognized as common trigger words not to say in order to de-escalate individuals.
  13. Aggression and violent behavior predicting factors.
  14. Verbal intervention and de-escalation techniques and physical maneuvers to defuse and predict violent behaviors.
  15. Strategies to avoid physical harm and remove yourself from the assaultive situation.
  16. The legal criteria necessary for employees to have the right in placing their hands upon an individual with the intentions of protecting themselves from an aggressive individual.
  17. Appropriate and inappropriate use of restraining techniques in accordance with the workplace protocols and understanding when employees must not intervene, stop or touch an aggressive individual.
  18. An opportunity to practice the physical evasive and protective maneuvers and techniques in order to remove themselves from the aggressive individual. This module is to be done together with other employees they work with to better understand and become more proficient with the ability to perform these actions if confronted with an assaultive situation.
  19. Debriefing with the clients following an aggressive outburst in order to understand what the root cause of the incident was and how the employees can help avoid or prevent similar incidents from occurring again in the future.
  20. Discuss resources available to employees for coping with incidents of violence, including, by way of example, critical incident stress debriefing or employee assistance programs.

8 Contact Hours

Price: $200.00 Per Person