The world we’re living in is filled with frustration and conflict and if we don’t have the tools to overcome the barriers and find the empathy within ourselves to communicate to others, then the volatility we are experiencing within our society or workplace will only grow. If, however, we learn the skills to de-escalate people and situations around us, then we will create a ripple effect of understanding and empathy that will serve both our needs, as well as the individuals we find ourselves in conflict with, whether on the job, helping clients, enforcing rules, or even at home with our own families. Having the ability to communicate that empathy and provide the psychological dynamics that calm a situation is key. This is something that we at Phoenix Training Group have been teaching people for over forty years and we can guarantee that you and your organization will learn and benefit from our Empath Response Training we have developed to bring calm and order to any potentially volatile situation.

This training provides the formula that will help a conflict from becoming more escalated and into a more positive and therapeutic direction by using the established levels of empathy instead of control that all of us need when in the middle of a conflict. By using the recognition and reaction guidelines based from our psychology-based techniques for de-escalating a conflict as well ourselves, rather than becoming caught up in the reflex-based reactions that propel a situation out of control, we will re-train the brain’s reflexes to better respond and calm the conflict. Whether for yourself, or for a staff of thousands, we will help you develop the Empath Guidance Team that will allow you, or your organization to know that you are doing what’s right when a situation becomes threatening or unsafe.

8 Contact Hours

Price: $70.00 Per Person