About Us

The Creators and Operators of the original MAB (Management of Assaultive Behavior) since 1976 are now under a new name and the new and improved Phoenix Training Group now has a unique, effective and cost-effective program to serve any company large or small. Just some of the environments that we design custom curriculum's for:

De-escalation oriented Program

This fully customizable, de-escalation-oriented program will cover the essential and trusted methods of crisis negotiation, which when utilized in the stages prior to any physical intervention or assault, will in most cases, prevent the need for any physical intervention at all. And in the event that the intervention becomes physical in nature, the program will then address the evasive methodology and extremely effective techniques, created to protect oneself humanely and safely, as well as how to help effectively manage the assaultive situation, individually or as a group. The evasive portion is designed for anyone, whether they are six, or ninety-six, and are very safe and effective for both the evader and their attacker, yet while focusing on the main goal of safety and escape, rather than confrontation. With VIP Response® Training, it's not about just dealing with an incident, but anticipating and preventing one from occurring in the first place.

VIP Response® Training

The goal of the VIP Response® Training is to provide as much of a Hands off and Restraint-Free Environment as possible while assisting the participating employees in developing the skills necessary to recognize the signs of a person escalating to the point of possible violent behavior and then to confidently intervene after recognizing those signs of escalation by a client or individual, in hopes of avoiding a possible violent situation, or reacting correctly to one already occurring. Following the training, attendees will be able to feel more comfortable with knowing how to properly recognize warning signs of a potential crisis within the workplace, whether the individual who is perpetrating the assault is directing it toward others or themselves. At the same time, staff will gain the invaluable psychological element of understanding why we humans react the way we do in ways that might provoke or escalate the situations we're faced with. Once this methodology has been examined, the attendees will be able to react appropriately, defuse effectively, or respond physically if necessary, while ensuring the safety of themselves, the clients and any personnel or individuals within the milieu of the facility.

The customization of this training and constant evolution of its curriculum for any situation, setting or person, is a key importance when it comes to educating a skilled and multi-responsive group of employees within a facility, whether large or small. Some staff may require more comprehensive and introductory training in the philosophies of this program, while others possess specialized skills and education that warrant a less intensive format. Still, others may not be as involved within the daily client contact that might place them in jeopardy on a regular basis, but still would like the confidence knowing that they can escape a volatile situation quickly and effectively. Every person taking this training will leave with a substantial amount of valuable information that they can then apply and teach to others within your facility. All employees taking this program will receive fully-customizable training along with pertinent and interesting workbooks and educational material helpful in understanding the philosophies and practical uses of preventing and handling Aggressive Behavior.

We at The Phoenix Training Group guarantee that once you or your employees, as well as anyone within any walk of life, have taken the program, that you will not only agree, but that you will believe that it is the best assault and violence prevention training program available anywhere! We also guarantee that following the program, you, your staff, the facility you work with and the clients you serve will experience a marked improvement in the quality of care and customer service you provide and that the individuals you care for will receive. The fresh and unique elements within our training are charged with more psychology and real-world knowledge than typical classes and we believe you will be convinced of how essential this training is once you have witnessed it for yourself. We guarantee that you and your employees will complete our classes actually having learned something valuable from the experience that you can apply to your work as well as day to day life, and that's our promise for every class we offer.

All violence prevention training offered by Phoenix is compliant with and supported by CA. AB-508, AB-1083, AB-30 and SB-1299 Laws, as well as Health & Safety codes; 1257.7 and 1257.8. The Phoenix Training Group is also associated with and adheres to all Federal workplace violence prevention requirements and all individual U.S. State violence prevention laws in place. Our customized training will meet the needs of any workplace or agency by understanding what your specific situation is and how we can meet that need. Our curriculum, also, meets all regulatory requirements and violence prevention laws in every state in the U.S. as well as in many Countries worldwide. Whether you have five employees or fifty-thousand, we can guarantee your employees will learn valuable skills to recognize warning signs, assess the situations they face, act on their abilities to try to prevent situations from going badly and resolving the potential incidents with our proven methods.

VIP Response® Training Academy Instructors

We can train your employees to be VIP Response® Training Academy Instructors themselves so that your facility can call upon them any time to help develop and implement any and all training requirements your organization has, with constant support from our offices. Not all violence prevention education is the same and we at Phoenix Training Group will show you that our training is by far the best for you and your company.

Phoenix Training Group prides itself with providing the best and most effective viral education available. It's all about providing education that will create a positive ripple affect among those we train as well as for the individuals they serve and not just for compliance, but to truly make a difference in the environment we work within. So, please contact us today and we'll be happy to help your organization develop a safe and effective customized training that's just right for you and your staff.