On-Site Active Shooter and Drills


Using interactive videos, real-life examples of incidents and behavioral recognition techniques, this class will teach your staff the warning signs, what to and not do when faced with a real shooting incident, how to save themselves and others and what to do when law enforcement arrives. By using the Run, Hide Fight method, participants will have a firm grasp on how to handle themselves if a violent incident of this magnitude ever does become real within their workplace. Then, in conjunction with the company's cooperation and local law enforcement to stand by to keep the environment safe, Phoenix Training Group will provide a mock Shooter Drill, using an actor intruder to take over the facility while testing both the facility's protocols and the employee's reactions to the incident. During the incident, two cameras, one worn by the shooter and the other following the shooter, will be documenting the entire drill so that afterward, the footage can be used for forensic review in understanding how the drill went and where the deficits are among the employees or location as a learning tool for positive change and allowing for a much better reaction if ever a real person enters the facility with a gun.

4 Contact Hours for Class Lecture

Drill location, length and extent of location coverage to be determined by on-site consultation.
Price to be determined by size, distance and number of locations.

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