On-Site Active Shooter and DrillsOn-Site Facility Risk Assessment

With the risk from outside and inside risks going up for companies these days, it's just common sense to have your organization assessed for any threats that may be leaving your facilities open for threats, violations by auditors and liability. Phoenix Training Group can visit your facilities and provide an on-site assessment, conducted by a seasoned and thorough examiner who knows what to look for, both good and bad within your locations.

The on-site evaluation and assessment by Phoenix Training Group will determine what strengths as well as any deficits, problems or liabilities your organization might have that lay you open to issues and risks that could create worse scenarios, or even threaten the future of your organization. Many times, someone from the outside can clearly spot issues that risk the facilities, where someone working within the company, cannot see the obvious holes in the systemic inner workings of the environment. This is what Phoenix Training Group is good at, being able to visit a location and breach the security of an organization that prides itself on the high level of safety and security it provides for the facility, its employees and those who they serve.

Following the on-site visit, Phoenix Training Group will then provide the organization with a written assessment of both positives and negatives of what the assessor discovered, complete with photographs and sometimes video, in order for the company to determine what needs to be improved upon in order to provide the level of safety it promises. In almost every case where we come into a facility and attempt to find vulnerable issues, we have been able to point out threats and even gained unnoticed entry into sensitive environments such as labor and delivery, as well as complete access into the facility’s computer network. We are good at what we do, so allow us the opportunity to help secure your organization today.

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