4 Hour Anti-Bullying and Tolerance Training


During this highly-charged and important class, students will learn the circumstances and causes of why people bully others and then explore the ways we all can look at ourselves first before we can judge others, as we all have participated in bullying in one form or another within our lives. From when we were all children, we have been driven by a common thread of trying to project on others what we see as weaknesses within ourselves and the normalcy of this is what helps fuel the problem and prevents it from dying out once we are adults. Most people grow and learn and understand the importance of tolerance and compassion, but many never realize this dynamic and continue the destructive pattern. This class explores how we can recognize, learn and grow in a direction of understanding where the pattern can be broken for our society and more importantly, for the ones who are victimized to the point of self-destruction.

4 Contact Hours

Price: $80.00 Per Person



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