Optional 5th Day Evasion and Containment VIP Response™ Workplace Violence Prevention Instructor Training (MAB®)

This specialized companion course to the four day VIP Response™  Instructor Training is open to all organizations wishing to send selected employees through the training in order for them to become instructors for their facilities to train their staff in VIP Response™ Training, or selected individuals who would like to become trainers for Phoenix Training Group and would want to work as contractors, travelling to our facilities to teach employees within the healthcare, law enforcement and the general workplace environments.

Comprehensive Optional 5th Day High Acuity Evasion and Containment addition to the 4 Day Workplace Violence Prevention Instructor Training, compliant with all California State SB-1299, AB-508, California Health & Safety Codes; 1257.7 and 1257.8, OSHA 8 CCR 3342, as well as all other State and Federal laws necessary in order to meet the requirements for providing mandatory workplace violence prevention and management training for the employees working within the healthcare industry who are part of a containment team, security, emergency, behavioral health and law enforcement where controlling an aggressive person or situation is within their job description.

As an addition to the four-day Instructor Training, this optional 5th Day Evasion and Containment Training is specially designed for those who have completed the four-day Instructor Training and are expected to respond to violent situations and people as a part of their job description. This one-day intensive add-on course is customized for the organizations that deal with violent situations routinely and have employees that will be part of a team who would safely and compassionately control the violent person as a part of their jobs. Completing the four-day Instructor Training is a prerequisite for attending this 5th Day Training.


Optional Day 5. (Evasion and Containment Instructor VIP Response Training)

Explore the goals of the training for each person attending and how it applies to their organization.

Discuss each person's role within their specific employment environment and what rights, policies and restrictions they may have that would be relevant to them attending the optional 5th day of training.

Demonstrate higher acuity physical containment intervention techniques, using two, three, four, and five-person team-coordinated efforts, as well as how to use the extra support staff who might also respond to the situations. We will also discuss the possible use of the participant's own weapons and mechanical restraints that may be introduced while containing the conflict, or while waiting for outside law enforcement to arrive. During this more intensive training section, the staff will be able to practice the techniques much more, helping to develop a more efficient and coordinated team for the employees they train. This training would be appropriate for both security officers, or hospital police as well as for hospital staff.

Discuss the introduction of higher-level violence to staff and the higher acuity response allowed or forced into as well as the non-invasive self-protection techniques that are appropriate and safe to both staff and patients. Participants will be exposed to such situations as individual assaults that could overpower the staff and the use of weapons such as knives and guns. This training would be appropriate for security officers and hospital police more than for hospital staff.

Introduce videotaped role-play scenarios involving several different types of patient or visitor aggressive behavior, using individual and team-oriented interactions by the participants in order to develop more effective de-escalation and negotiation techniques. Once presented with the escalated, aggressive, or assaultive situations, then students will be able to respond appropriately, either individually or within the team-oriented approach, to de-escalate or physically contain the situation, arriving at the best solution while doing so. Following the role-play scenarios, participants will then review the videos forensically to discuss ways that the staff correctly or incorrectly reacted to or resolved the situation, how they might have been ineffective, what they did to help the incident, or how they contributed to the escalation process. This training would be appropriate for both security officers, or hospital police as well as for hospital staff. Effective use of the debriefing process with the affected employees to examine and dissect the incident itself, so as to learn from the outcome why the incident occurred and what staff might have done to prevent the situation in the first place.

Wrap up and final thoughts and instructions, followed by additional certificates being awarded to the new instructors that have elected to complete the 4th day of training, and how they will implement the higher acuity responses while keeping the staff, patients, visitors and themselves safe while also developing their own plans to become the best Instructors for themselves as well as for their organizations.

(If you are interested in becoming a Phoenix Training Group VIP Response™ Instructor, please contact us to receive information and instructions on the steps you can take to enroll in the next Academy Training.)

8 Contact Hours

Price: $950.00 Per Person